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Previous Year Exam Questions of Database Management System of KIIT - DBMS by Bandana Panda

  • Database Management System - DBMS
  • 2014
  • PYQ
  • Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology - KIIT
  • Computer Science Engineering
  • B.Tech
  • Uploaded 11 months ago
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DBMS/CS-402/CSE & IT/4TH/ 2014 4. a. Discuss the various problems exist in the traditional file systems. Also, explain the various characteristics of a database system. [3] b. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of hierarchical model and network model. Also, differentiate between two data models. [3] 5. Write Short notes: [3 X 2] a. Extended ER Model b. 3-Layered data abstraction ~~~~~ ALL THE BEST ~~~~~

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