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Previous Year Exam Questions for Human Resource Management - HRM of 2018 - BPUT by Ruparani Mahapatra

  • Human Resource Management - HRM
  • 2018
  • PYQ
  • Biju Patnaik University of Technology Rourkela Odisha - BPUT
  • Computer Science Engineering
  • B.Tech
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Registration No : Total Number of Pages : 02 M.Tech MT303 3rd Semester Back Examination 2018-19 HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT BRANCH : APPLIED ELECTRO & INSTRUMENTATION ENGG, CAD/CAM ENGG, CHEMICAL ENGG., COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS, COMPUTER SCIENCE, COMPUTER SCIENCE AND ENGG, COMPUTER SCIENCE AND TECH., DESIGN AND DYNAMICS, ELECTRI & ELECTRO ENGG (POWER SYSTEM ENGG), ELECTRICAL POWER SYSTEM, ELECTRO & COMM. ENGG, ELECTRO AND TELECOMMUNICATION ENGG, ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE AND ENGG, GEOTECHNICAL ENGG, HEAT POWER ENGG, MACHINE DESIGN, MECH. ENGG (CAD/ CAM), MECH. ENGG (THERMAL & FLUID ENGG), MECH. SYSTEM DESIGN, METALLURGICAL AND MATERIALS ENGG, NANO TECH., PLASTIC ENGG, PLASTICS ENGG., POLYMER NANOTECH., POLYMER NANOTECH.., POWER AND ENERGY ENGG, POWER ELECTRO, POWER ELECTRO & DRIVES, POWER ELECTRO AND ELECTRICAL DRIVES, POWER SYSTEM ENGG, POWER SYSTEMS, PRODUCTION ENGG, PRODUCTION ENGG AND OPERATIONAL MGT, SIGNAL PROCESSING AND ENGG, SOIL MECHANICS & FOUNDATION ENGG, THERMAL ENGG, THERMAL POWER ENGG, VLSI & EMBEDDED SYSTEMS, VLSI & EMBEDDED SYSTEMS DESIGN, WATER RESOURCE ENGG, WATER RESOURCE ENGG AND MANAGEMENT Time : 3 Hours Max Marks : 70 Q.CODE : E019 Answer Question No.1 which is compulsory and any five from the rest. The figures in the right hand margin indicate marks. Q1 Answer all questions : Discuss the objectives of HRM. What is human resource inventory What do you mean by MBO What organizational consequences might result if recruitment and selection are not well done Define the term industrial dispute Differentiate between Personnel Management and HRM List out the causes of Grievances W h a t i s p r o m o t i o n ? State the purpose of promotion Differentiate Compensation and Reward? Define KRA and KPA (2 x 10) Q2 Define HRD and discuss various value anchored HRD processes. How do they affect development of an organization? Explain with suitable examples. (10) Q3 What is Performance Management? How are Performance Management systems different from Appraisal systems? (10) Q4 “The Human Resource Planning process integrates manpower planning with business planning in different functional areas of organization with effective implementation of forecasting techniques.” Comment. (10) a) b) c) d) e) f) g) h) i) j)

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Q5 Define training. Discuss various on-the-job and off-the-job training methods (10) Q6 Define Compensation and list out the factors influencing compensation in the modern organizations. (10) Q7 What is supply forecasting? What are the steps taken to ascertain the supply of Human resource? (10) Q8 Emphasize the significance of industrial relations and discuss various approaches to Industrial Relation. (10)

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