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Previous Year Exam Questions for Construction Management - CM of 2018 - BPUT by Ruparani Mahapatra

  • Construction Management - CM
  • 2018
  • PYQ
  • Biju Patnaik University of Technology Rourkela Odisha - BPUT
  • Chemical Engineering
  • B.Tech
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Registration No : Total Number of Pages : 02 M.Tech MT326 3rd Semester Back Examination 2018-19 PROJECT PLANING AND CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT BRANCH : CHEMICAL ENGG., COMPUTER SCIENCE AND TECH., DESIGN AND DYNAMICS, ELECTRI & ELECTRO ENGG (POWER SYSTEM ENGG), GEOTECHNICAL ENGG, MECH. ENGG (THERMAL & FLUID ENGG), METALLURGICAL AND MATERIALS ENGG, NANO TECH., PLASTIC ENGG, POWER ELECTRO, POWER SYSTEMS, PRODUCTION ENGG AND OPERATIONAL MGT, SIGNAL PROCESSING AND ENGG, SOIL MECHANICS & FOUNDATION ENGG, STRUCTURAL ENGG, THERMAL POWER ENGG, TRANSPORTATION ENGG, WATER RESOURCE ENGG, WATER RESOURCE ENGG AND MANAGEMENT Time : 3 Hours Max Marks : 70 Q.CODE : E025 Answer Question No.1 which is compulsory and any five from the rest. The figures in the right hand margin indicate marks. Q1 Answer the following questions : a) How price escalation affect contract? b) State the various elements of a network. c) State three phases of project management. d) What are the advantages of lump sum contract? e) What is the significance of critical path? f) What are the errors in network? g) What do you mean by AON and AOA? h) Define event in a project. i) How the events are represented in a network diagram? What do you mean by a dummy activity? j) Q2 Q3 Q4 (2 x 10) a) Explain different types of specifications and their importance in a construction project. (5) b) What are the different conditions of contract? Describe in detail. (5) a) (5) b) Explain the various network rules. Distinguish between bar charts and milestone charts. a) What do you understand by critical path? How it is determined? (5) b) What is float? Describe different types of float? (5) (5)

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Q5 (10) For the following network find : I. Critical Path II. Total Duration Of the Network and III. Total float, Free float, Independent float and Interfering float for each activity. 2 D ,12 A ,10 C ,8 1 4 G,8 E6 B ,12 I ,10 5 H,8 3 7 K ,12 8 J ,6 6 F,5 Q6 a) b) Q7 Describe briefly the safety measures adopted in demolition of buildings. Explain the salient features of lump-sum contract. (5) (5) The PERT network of certain project is shown in below fig. Determine the expected time, variance and standard deviation of the project. Find the critical path. (10) 2 6-10-14 1 5-7-15 4 4-7-16 3-5-7 1-2-3 3 2-10-12 5 3-6-15 7 3-5-7 6 Q8 a) b) c) d) Write short answer on any TWO : Arbitration Difference between PERT and CPM Labour Welfare Fund Act-1965 Monitoring and controlling of project activities (5 x 2)

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