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Previous Year Exam Questions for Data Structure and Algorithms - DSA of 2018 - BPUT by Bput Toppers

  • Data Structure and Algorithms - DSA
  • 2018
  • PYQ
  • Biju Patnaik University of Technology Rourkela Odisha - BPUT
  • Computer Science Engineering
  • B.Tech
  • Uploaded 10 months ago
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Registration No : Total Number of Pages : 01 M.Tech P1CSBC04 1st Semester Regular / Back Examination 2018-19 ADVANCED DATA STRUCTURE AND ALGORITHM BRANCH : COMPUTER ENGG, COMPUTER SCIENCE, COMPUTER SCIENCE AND ENGG, COMPUTER SCIENCE AND TECH., INFORMATION TECH. Time : 3 Hours Max Marks : 100 Q.CODE : E706 Answer Question No.1 (Part-1) which is compulsory, any EIGHT from Part-II and any TWO from Part-III. The figures in the right hand margin indicate marks. Q1 a) b) c) d) e) f) g) h) i) j) Q2 a) b) c) d) e) f) g) h) i) j) k) l) Q3 Part- I Short Answer Type Questions (Answer All-10) Define min heap. Write difference between Fibonacci heap and Skew heap. Write difference between R-Tree and B-Tree. Define Deap Data structure. How to measure the performance of the algorithm? Mention the general idea of dynamic programming. Define Convex hull. Write how Greedy method works in general. Define Polynomial Time Define NP Completeness. Part- II Focused-Short Answer Type Questions- (Answer Any Eight out of Twelve) Explain Binary Search Tree Algorithm with example. Describe how to construct Point Quad Tree with example, Write in detail about Asymptotic Notations. Explain k-d Tree Algorithm with example. Compare and Contrast Red-Black Tree and AVL tree. Describe Floyd-Warshall Algorithm with example. Compare Knapsack problem and 0/1 Knapsack problem. Define Geometric algorithm and explain any one type of Geometric algorithm. State Cook’s theorem. Illustrate with an example. Explain the procedure how to construct Minimum Cost Spanning Tree. Describe how to verify the Polynomial-Time for an algorithm. Explain the proofs of NP Completeness. Part-III Long Answer Type Questions (Answer Any Two out of Four) Describe various types of heap structures in detail, (2 x 10) (6 x 8) (16) Q4 Explain B-Tree and B+ Tree algorithms with examples. Compare and Contrast with advantages and limitations. (16) Q5 How Numerical Algorithm works? Describe any two Numerical Algorithms with example. (16) Q6 Explain any two Internet Algorithms with examples and write the advantages and limitations of one over the another. (16)

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