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Previous Year Exam Questions for Applied Physics-I - AP1 of 2017 - MLR by sri lekha

  • Applied Physics-I - AP1
  • 2017
  • PYQ
  • MLR institute of technology - MLR
  • Computer Science Engineering
  • B.Tech
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  • Uploaded 6 months ago
Sri Lekha
Sri Lekha
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CodeNo: A3HS06 MLRI nst i t ut eofTechnol ogy MLR17 ( AUTONOMOUS) B. TechIYearISem Exami nat i ons, Januar y 2018 APPLI EDPHYSI CSI ( Commont oAl l Br anches) Ti me: 3hour s Max. Mar ks: 75 Not e: 1. Thi squest i onpapercont ai nst wopar t sAandB. 2.Par tAi scompul sor ywhi chcar r i es25mar ks.Answeral l Quest i oni npar tA. 3.Par tBconsi st sof5uni t s.Answeranyonef ul l quest i onf r om eachuni t .Eachquest i oncar r i es 10Mar ks andmayhav ea, b, cassubquest i ons. PARTA ( 25mar ks) 1.a)Def i nemeasur andandr esol ut i on ( 2M) b)Def i nespacel at t i ceandbasi s. ( 2M) c)Expl ai nt het er ms( i )El ect r oni csuscept i bi l i t y( i i )El ect r oni cpol ar i zabi l i t y ( 2M) d)Expl ai nanyt wochar act er i st i csofl aser . ( 2M) e)Whati sI nt er f er ence? ( 2M) 2.a)Howcany oumi ni mi zet heer r or s?Wr i t eashor tnot eonDy nami cer r or ( 3M) b)Def i necoor di nat i onnumberandLat t i cepar amet er s ( 3M) c)Di st i ngui shdi aandPar amagnet i csubst ances ( 3M) d)Expl ai nt henecessi t yofpopul at i oni nv er si oncondi t i oni nLASER ( 3M) e)Whatar ef act or sonwhi chi magequal i t ydepends? ( 3M) PARTB ( 50mar ks) 3.a)Di scusst hedi f f er entsour cesofer r or swi t hexampl es. b)I n an exper i ment ,t he t i me per i od ofan osci l l at i ng obj ecti nf i v e successi v e measur ement s i sf oundt obe0. 52s, 0. 56s, 0. 57s, 0. 54s, 0. 59s.Thel eastcountoft hewat chusedf ort he measur ementoft i meper i odi s0. 01s.Whati st heper cent ageer r ori nmeasur ement oft i me per i odT.

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OR 4.a)Expl ai nt hev ar i ancewi t hexampl e b)Ther adi usofspher ei smeasur edt obe( 2. 1±0. 5)cm.Cal cul at ei t ssur f acear eawi t her r or l i mi t s. 5.a)Der i v eanexpr essi onf ort hei nt er pl anarspaci ngi nt hecaseofcubi cst r uct ur e. b)Li t hi um cr y st al l i zesi nBCCst r uct ur e.Cal cul at et hel at t i ceconst antgi v ent hatt he at omi c wei ghtanddensi t yf orl i t hi um ar e6. 94and530kg/ m3r espect i v el y OR 6.a)Compar et hepacki ngf r act i onofS. C. , B. C. C. , F. C. C.st r uct ur es. b)Li t hi um cr y st al l i zesi nBCCst r uct ur e.Cal cul at et hel at t i ceconst antgi v ent hatt he 3 at omi cwei ghtanddensi t yf orl i t hi um ar e6. 94and530kg/ m r espect i v el y . 7.a)Expl ai nEl ect r oni cpol ar i zat i onandder i v eanexpr essi onf orel ect r oni cpol ar i zabl i t y ? b)Theel ect r oni cpol ar i zabi l i t yofdi el ect r i cmat er i al hav i ngper manentdi pol esnoi onsi s 40 28 2 3 1. 5X10 F/ m .Thedensi t yofmat er i al i s2. 5X10 at oms/ m .Cal cul at et hedi el ect r i cconst antoft hemat er i al . OR 8.a)Whati sHy st er esi s?Expl ai nhy st er esi si nFer r omagnet i cmat er i al s. b)Howt hehar dmagnet i cmat er i al sar edi f f er entf r om sof tmagnet i cmat er i al s. 5 c)Themagnet i csuscept i bi l i t yofsi l i coni s0. 4x10.Cal cul at et hef l uxdensi t yand magnet i cmomentperuni tv ol umewhenpl acedi nmagnet i cf i el di nt ensi t yof 5 5x10A/ m. 9.a)Di scusst heconst r uct i onandwor ki ngofaHeNel aser . b)Cal cul at et hewav el engt hofemi t t edr adi at i onf r om GaAswhi chhasabandgapof 1. 44e. V. OR 10.a)Di st i ngui shbet weenspont aneousandst i mul at edemi ssi onpr ocesses. b)Der i v eEi nst ei nAandBcoef f i ci ent s 11.a)Whati si nt er f er ence? b)Wi t hr aydi agr am di scusst het heor yoft hi nf i l msandt hecondi t i onf orconst r uct i v e and dest r uct i v ei nt er f er encei nt hecaseofr ef l ect edsy st em. OR 12.a)Di scusst heOpt i cal Di f f er encesBet weenTel escopesandMi cr oscopes b)Wr i t et hedi f f er encesbet weenTEM andSEM andment i onanyt hr eeappl i cat i ons

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