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Previous Year Exam Questions for Advanced Computer Network - ACN of 2019 - SPPU by Snehal Kadav

  • Advanced Computer Network - ACN
  • 2019
  • PYQ
  • Savitribaai Phule University Pune - SPPU
  • Computer Science Engineering
  • B.Tech
  • Uploaded 3 months ago
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Total No. of Questions : 10] SEAT No. : P3983 [Total No. of Pages : 3 [5353]-585 T.E. (Computer) (End Semester) COMPUTER NETWORKS (2015 Pattern) Time : 2½ Hours] [Max. Marks : 70 Instructions to the candidates: 1) Neat diagrams must be drawn wherever necessary. 2) Figures to the right side indicate full marks. 3) Calculator is allowed. 4) Assume Suitable data if necessary Q1) a) Define TCP/IP reference model. [4] b) A line has a signal-to-noise ratio of 1000 and a bandwidth of 4000khz.What is the maximum data rate supported by this line. [3] c) Write a short note on CSMA/CD. [3] OR Q2) a) b) Explain in brief: FHSS and DHSS. [6] Explain PPP frame format. [4] Q3) a) Explain control field of HDLC w.r.t I-frame, S-frame and U-frame. [6] b) Calculate the throughput for stop-and wait protocol,if the frame size is 4800 bits,bit rate is 9600 bps,within distance 2000 km with speed of propagation 200000 km/s. [4] OR Q4) a) b) Explain GO Back N ARQ in detail. [5] Explain Bluetooth 802.15 frame format in detail. [5] P.T.O.

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Q5) a) A small organization is given a block with the beginning address and the prefix length (in slash notation). What is the range of the block. [4] b) What are general techniques to improve quality of service ? Explain any one in detail. [8] c) Draw and Explain IPV4 header. [4] OR Q6) a) b) Q7) a) Write a short note on [12] i) Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) ii) Network Address Translation (NAT) iii) Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) Explain Link State Routing Algorithm with example? [4] What causes Silly Window syndrome? How it is avoided? [6] b) In a Stop-and-Wait system, the bandwidth of the line is 2 Mbps, and 1 bit takes 20 milliseconds to make a round trip. What is the bandwidthdelay product? If the system data packets are 2,000 bits in length, what is the utilization percentage of the link? [6] c) Explain TCP header in detail. [6] OR Q8) a) What are the types of socket? Explain various socket primitives used in connection oriented client server approach. [10] b) Explain UDP Header ?Below is an Hexadecimal dump of an UDP datagram captured. [8] 06 32 00 0D 00 1C E2 17 i) What is source port number? ii) What is destination port number? iii) What is the length of the data? iv) Is packet directed from a client to server or vice versa? [5353]-585 2

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Q9) a) b) c) Explain HTTP request and reply message format with example. [6] Write short notes on [6] i) DHCP ii) SMTP Explain DNS message format? [4] OR Q10)a) b) Explain FTP in detail? Explain any four FTP commands. [8] Browsers have a in-built caching mechanism for a better user experience. How do websites indicate if a web resource needs to be cached or not? Show HTTP messages in transit for both scenarios. [8] {{{ [5353]-585 3

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