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Previous Year Exam Questions of Electrical Measurement and Instrumentation of SPPU - EMI by Kritika rai

  • Electrical Measurement and Instrumentation - EMI
  • 2010
  • PYQ
  • Pune University - SPPU
  • Electrical Engineering
  • B.Tech
  • Uploaded 4 months ago
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S.E. (Electrical) om I olal NO. Or questrons-Izl (II .c ANAI,OG ANI) (OLD Time : Three id tr[B. :- Marks : 100 (i) questions fiom (id) ds two Sectionsshouldbe written in separate (iiD tu (a) .s 1. pi (iu) w w (b) w (b) [101 t6l P.T.O.

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Draw pin diagram of Op-Amp (IC 741) and explain'$re function t8l om of each pin. Explain how Op-Amp works as non-inverting amplifier' (b) Draw neat waveforms. Also derive gain of the Op-Amp for 4, id .c t10l (a) \d,) w (b) w t8l Anatog to Digital t8l Or working of anq one We of Digital to Analog (a) w 6. .s (lr) over-voltage Protection 'of tu 5. pi ds (6) 13764-46 Ial LM 337 a s a voltage regularcr. tdl

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SECTION II to") Explpin the operation of J-K flip-flop with truth table. t81 $) What is the use of PRESET and CLEAR in flip-flop ? t8l om t. .c Or Enlist the different triggering methods used in flip-flop. Explain \q) any one of them. id (b) Explain the operation of D flip-tlop with truth table. (a) Explain the working of any one l,ylpe of s;'nchronous counter ds 9. t8l with waveforms. I10l Explain the working of SISO type of shift register. [8] pi (b) t8I Or Explain the differencebetweenSynchronousand Asynchronous Counter. I8l Explain the operation of 1 : 4 De-Multiplexer (DE-MIX) with w truth table. 137621-46 w t101 w 11. (.a) Explain the different types of memories. (b) t81 Draw and explain working of Johnson's ring counter. .s (b) tu 1 0 . (a) i81 P.T.O.

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om Write short notes on the following : t16l : ,' (t) Opto-Isolator (ii) LED display system .c 12. (Irr) Upto-.Ejncoder w w w .s tu pi ds id (iu) Multiplexer (MIIX).

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