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Previous Year Exam Questions of Electrical Measurement and Instrumentation of SPPU - EMI by Kritika rai

  • Electrical Measurement and Instrumentation - EMI
  • 2010
  • PYQ
  • Pune University - SPPU
  • Electrical Engineering
  • B.Tech
  • Uploaded 4 months ago
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Ifours , Maxirnum om (2008couRsE) Maiks : 100 .N.8.:- ri) Answere. No,f or e. No. 2, e. No. B or e. No.4 . (lu) (ri) (ul) (ua) .c id . ds (iii) pi (ii) and Q. No. b or. e. No. 6 :frdm, Section I. .drrswer e. . No. Z or e. No. 8, e. No. 9 or e. No. I0 and Q. No. 1l or e. No. 12 {i,om Section II. Answcrs to thc two Sectionsshoulclbe written in separate ! .r answet-books. Ncat diagrarns must be drarvn where.ver necessary. figures to thc right indicate fuli marks. Use oflogarithpic tables,slide rules and electroniccalculator is allowed. 63au-u suitable data, if neqessa.r.y. rtzyslcal, vonatants : lMgstrom untt (AU) = 10-ru mebres. tu (r, .s ' (2) Avogadro's number = 6.0254. x !023/grarn molecule. e) (3) Boltzmann,s constant (k) = 1,380 10-23 Joule degree-1. .x (4) f)ielectric constant of free space (e6) = 8.85 x 10-12 .Faradnrctre-t. (5) Charge on electron (e) .= 1.601 x l0-1e Coulomb. ' (6) Mass of electron (rn) = 9.10? x 10-31 kg. (7) Electron volt (eV) = I.602 x 10-te Joulel. (8) Permeability of free space (Fo) = 4n x 10-2. ' (9)...,.Massof Broton (m] =, 7.627 x 7O-27 kg. (10) Velocity of lidht (C) = 2.998 x 108 metre second-1. (Il) Debye unit = B.BBx 10-30Coulomb-metre. w ',. w w '

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Describe the om of photovoltaic ' thl . t8l from first principles,applied Ar .) t8l id .c assumptions made to draw If sodium chloride crystal is subjected to a-n electric \a) ds field of 2000 V/m and the resultant polarization is 4.8 x 10-8 c/m2. Caiculate the relative permittivity of sodium t4l pi chloride. Explain the following t 6) ltZl t'ii\ tu ri) Loss tangent and its significance E1a*n-alant#nifrr materials used for : t8l w w \o) .s {lir) Pjezo-electricity. w (b) 137621-132 i of bieakdown 1n vacuum. Explain rql

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Or ret Slaie the properties and applicationsof : ( i ) s F gas b tRi om *. rrrJ l.rdnsformet" oil ( {l.wllcanite .c rrul L,ej,arrucs. yvnat ts __"*4|/ mcant L_ uy ^rownseud.s primary aird secondary ionization \'. ta) id ,ff;"":::"{actors ds ; ;"ff arrecting breakdown stre'gth .Define the followino t4l pi {r) pcrmeabiltiy t8l ra r Magnctic dipole moment tu \r.r, rvragnctlcsusccptibility (iu) Magnetization. . Calcuiate hysterc: sis loss in a specimen of iron subjected to a magnctizationc. r? .lhe ,r ^^ ov r7z. weight of spccimen is 50 kg and its density is g000 kg/ms. Hysteresisloop area i, uq,riualuoi to ZgO J/m3. What will. be the hysteresis ]os" of ."pe"imen at 40 Hz[6] 1 w w .s (hl w h a t a r e s o f t a n d h a -(I r , magnetlc materials ? Give their cnaractcristics and applicatrons. w rc, 137621-732 tBl 3

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L ',1 Or' 6. (rr) Differcntiate ' (i) , between : 14] l\fagnetic tlipoie niomen and electric dipole moment {Dl om t ii) Ferromagnetism and Antiferromagnetism. l n a m a l e t r a t a n a p p l t c a l t o n o t m a g n e L r ct r e l d o l 2 . / 5 x ^ , , r-ri+., ^i n o,r o^ rrrt a2 CaUSeS a magnef,lC llUX derr:,rl,J ur u.z.fou vvu/lu-. r ^A r , l(," A/m (rl.ca;{\, ' urd5brj} Ine magnef,rc malenal ano expraln eacn CIaSSwrth respect id r.) .c Oalculate its permeability, susceptibility and magnetization. . . (u) Descrilrcthe grorrpsinto which the materialsas electricconductors are divided. (b) 16l Wbat is a bimetal ? Give two applications of bimetals. [41 l (c) Name the materials used in the following cases with tu . SACTION II pi 7. t81 ds ro rrs properttes ano applrcatlons. rcasons : ritcmcnt ln ntament tanlp w w w .s (L 16l

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