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Previous Year Exam Questions of Communicative English of SIT - CE by prashant kumar

  • Communicative English - CE
  • 2019
  • PYQ
  • Computer Science Engineering
  • B.Tech
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  • Uploaded 3 months ago
Prashant Kumar
Prashant Kumar
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$ iI iC(} n j.,- t, .., ;: ,,.i,,.. i,, Silicon lnstitute of Technology Silicon Hills, Bhubaneswar j:.,: An Autonomous h.rstitute 1st Semester B.Tech Mid-Term Examination 2018-19 Communicative & Technical English(1SHS1T01) Full Marks: 25 Duration: 01:30 I Written messages in communication are examples of 2 Two consonants without a vowel between then-r is called channel' a J 2 3 Answer any Two a Explain'attitu<le to time' in the context of Non-verbal communication. How does it change with differences in cultural background? 2 b c How does Information overload hamper the communication process? 2 Discuss the importance of communication. d Write short notes on ethnocentrism i L - 2 and cultural stereotypes. 2 4 Answer any Three a What is a syllable? Dividie the following words into syllables in their spelling: 2 spectacular, punishment, photograph, popular, selective, attention, computer, congratulate b English is a stress-timed language and not a syllable-timed language, explain. 2 c Trancribe the sounds that you hear at the beginning of the following words: 2 change, cause, apple, short, yes, pot, think, jug, up, ease d Mark intonation in the following sentences: 2 a. He is my best friend b. Let's take a walk, shall we? c. Who is the author of this book? d. Shut up, will you? e. That man is Sita's father! e Transcribe the following words using IPA symbols: 2 burn, fun, beat, phone, cake, toy \-' f Transcribe the vowel sounds in the following words: 2 cake, black, point, set, fast, first, bun, pearl 5 Answer uny One a Explain the eight principles b What a1'e of communication with suitable examples. some of the major barriers in communication? Explain with examples. 5 5 6 Answer any One a Discuss about neutral accent and the use of IPA symbols for communication in a global 5 context. b What is intonation? Explain its importance in cotnmunication by elaborating upon the use of rising, falling and fall-rise intonation in sentences. 5

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