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Previous Year Exam Questions for Environmental Impact Assessment Management - EIAM of 2012 - HITECH by Narayan Sethy

  • Environmental Impact Assessment Management - EIAM
  • 2012
  • PYQ
  • Civil Engineering
  • B.Tech
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Reg No. B.E/B.Tech DEGREE END SEMESTER EXAMINATION , APRIL/MAY 2012 Eighth Semester Civil Engineering CE9046 -ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT ASSESSMENT (Regulation 2008) Time:Three hours maximum: 100 Marks Answer ALL questions PART—A (10x2=20marks) 1. What are the limitations of current practices of EIA 2. Define and Differentiate 'Act' and 'Rules' 3. List the various techniques useful for EIA of developmental projects. 4. How will you categorize the project /industries to prepare a EIA. 5. Mention any one example each for a 'positive'.'negative','direct' and 'secondary' impacts of a developmental project. 6. List any two ways in which that reducing the weight of a product can increase its environmental cleanliness. 7. How to control automobile pollution? 8. What are the different strategy for environmental management? 9. What are the mitigative measures to be taken during the operational phase of an airport construction project? 10. What are the details to be submitted to conduct preliminary EIA for common hazardous waste management facility? PART-B (5X16=80 marks) 11 .Explain with a sketch the project cycle and EIA steps. (16 marks)

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12. a) What is checklist in the context of EIA ?Discuss the methodology. (16 marks) (Or) (b) Discuss about network and cost benefit analysis. (16 marks) 13. (a)(i)How can community participation contribute to environmental protection? (6marks) (ii)Determine the emission height of a stack with the following data: (10marks) Height of the stack =150m Inner diameter of the stack =0.9m Wind velocity =2.5m/s Air temperature =25°C Barometric pressure=1000mb Stack gas velocity =10.5m/s Stack gas temperature=160°C (Or) (b)(i) In an industry one machine emits a noise of 90dBA for 10minut.es followed by another machine emits a noise of 60dBA for 50minutes every hour. A hospital is located at 500m away from the industry with back round noise level of 35dBA.Predict the equivalent noise level at the industry and at the hospital. (10marks) (ii)What are the elements of EIA? (6marks) 14. (a)(i) Write note on " Resettlement" and "Rehabilitation" policy. (ii)Listout the questions to be raised in assigning the demographic impacts. (8marks) (8marks) (Or) (b) How to get Green Building Certification for a commercial building? Explain. 15. (a)(i)Write descriptive note on the social impact of "Sardar Sarovar project". (ii)Discuss the mitigative measure for impact of the power plant project. (16marks) (8marks) (8marks) (Or) (b)How to get environmental clearance for highway project?Explain. (16marks)

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