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Previous Year Exam Questions for Total Quality Management - TQM of 2012 - HITECH by Narayan Sethy

  • Total Quality Management - TQM
  • 2012
  • PYQ
  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  • B.Tech
  • Uploaded 1 month ago
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i Roll No: B.E./B.Tech END SEMESTER EXAMINATION, NOV/DEC 2012 SEMESTER-VII ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING gE-9024 TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT (Regulations- 2008) Time: Three Hours Maximum Marks: 80 Answer ALL questions PART-A 1. Give four examples of quality statements. 2. State Deming's Philosophy on Quality. 3. What is JuranTrilogy? 4. What are the different performance measures? 5. Name the seven tools of Quality? 6. What is six-sigma? 7. What are the benefits QFD? 8. What are the essential elements of ISO-14000? 9. What are the basic reasons for bench marking? 10. What do you know about Quality auditing? (10 X 2= 20 Marks)

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f Part-B 11. (5x16=80 Marks) State the dimensions of quality for a product and a service. Elaborate its relevance to cost reduction and increase in productivity. 12. (a) Write short notes on (i) PDSA cycle (ii) Kaizen (8) (8) OR 12. (b) Write briefly on (i) 5S (8) (ii) Continuous process improvement 13. (a) (8) What are the different control charts for variables and how it can be utilized for improvement of quality? OR 13. (b) What are the new seven management tools ? Describe how they can be used to bring about TQM in an organization. 14. (a) What is house of quality? State how the inter-relationship matrix between HOWs and WHATs prepared. OR 14. 15. (b) (a) (i) What is FMEA, composition of FMEA team and RPN? (8) (ii) What is QFD and its benefits? (8) What are the steps involved in ISO-9000:2000 implementation? OR 15. (b) How is the ISO-9000 certification process carried out? Explain by taking example of a manufacturing plant •(c sf? J(J sjc $i ifc j(c jp.

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