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Previous Year Exam Questions for Automata Theory And Computability - ATC of 2016 - AKTU by Ravichandran Rao

  • Automata Theory And Computability - ATC
  • 2016
  • PYQ
  • Computer Science Engineering
  • B.Tech
  • Uploaded 2 months ago
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Printed Pages : 3 RoII N0. NC5402 B.TECH. THEORY EXAMTNATTON (SEM-IV ) 2Ot6-17 THEORY OF AUTOMATA AND FORMAL LANGUAGES Time : Note 3 Hours : Be precise in your answen In case of numerical Mox. Marks : 100 problem assume data wherever not provided, SECTTON-A l. (c) (d) (e) Check whether the grammar is ambiguous or not. a I b I c. Obtain the string w = a+b*c R-> R+R/ RR/ R*/ (f) S->aBlbA A->a/aS/bAA B-> b/bS/aBB. Identify the sfiings obtained from this grammar. (e) (h) (i) fi) , At Define PDA. Draw the graphical representation for pDA. Design a PDA which accepts set of balanced paranthesis ( { } } ). Eliminate unit productions in the grammar. s->A/bb A->B/b B->s/a What are checking off symbols? { SECTION-B Attempt any five of the following questions! (a) (i) Convert the NFA- e to DFA, 5x10=$[

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(ii) Check with the comparison method for testing equivalence of two FA given below. .-'ffi*,I*}ffi'- *i*u'".*"',u"**ffi t**"*=fiU******=1 -tl*t** ru',r*-u-ira".ffi *r,n : . ="u.,...' ,..'il"t=i.u**ttt"t tll.,J,ft i:!.::::r::::::ill ::{:.::i::::l::..i .i:,;:.':: ',::]j:.,}]:i,:i,|1:,]' iifl lil:li fi*liffir:i ****n*******o**ffi '* ... --******"*******ffi ' :: ::::: i: ::; ::: ::.:: i.l,:,,,''.f:..,,,i.;i,;.,i,1:,i t::: .a::__t:t_':::::..i:ltaij-:j:::i;!| tiii+1i;',',:.ry :,iiii.iil;Ji..,:,'.. , ,',','....... : 'll,....;....,.';.;.,,i....;..r',,,.. ,,i.ii,:::.,.i.i:,,:,:t, ::,l., .l::, .,.t,t,:.:,: ,....,..,,.: i.,:' .X:.r, . i ,,, ....,:.,.,.i,::: :::i::: , ..: F_.:-::.:::* :r.. .:,.''i;i.:.;i. ":i:r::.:::: :... r 1..:::. i:' j 1: ,,. : :':. ,iiili,::,.:.l,.,,.1.lt,t,:",l::li'l:L:ii,t-.rri,;llil.liiliil,::;::ll:l,l:iii:liili .,.t..,,,,,i.:.::i;,;,,...;.;:....a ',.,,.,", :;::::':::i., . ,: ,: ,,.i.,,..',*irti .,,,; :i :i'ii', :: : ,:., , hornomorphism, closure of a (b) Prove that the compliment, homomorphism and (c) (d) regular language is regular. State and prove kleene's theorem with an example' aababbb Consider the grammar with the production S->aSS A->b' Compute the string (e) (f) with the left most and right most derivation. Draw the derivation tree. (i) Find out whether the language 1 = {xnfzn I n} I } is context free or not' (ii) Construct a PDA that accepts 1= { wwR I w = (a+b)* } (0 Convert the following CFG into CNF S --+ Xy lxn lp X --r mX Im (g) (h) (ii) f-+Xnlo convertthefollowingcFGintocNF s-+ASAlaB,A**B I S,B-+ble Design a TM to recognize all strings consisting of an odd number of c's. Prove that the halting problem is undecidable' SECTION _ C Attempt any two of the following questions: automata given below (a) Minimize the autornata 3. (a) 2x 15 = 30

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4. (b) Compute the epsilon- closure for the given NFA. Convert it into DFA. (a) (b) Construct PDA to accept L= {0o ln I n :,0} Construct a PDA frorn the following CFG, G: ({S, X}, ta, b}, P, S) where the productions are - S-+XSle,A-+axblAblab 5, (a) (b) Prove that single tape machines can simulate multi tape machines. Design a TM to recognize all strings consisting of an odd number of c's.

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