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Previous Year Exam Questions for Object Oriented Techniques - OOT of 2011 - AKTU by Ravichandran Rao

  • Object Oriented Techniques - OOT
  • 2011
  • PYQ
  • Computer Science Engineering
  • B.Tech
  • Uploaded 1 month ago
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l Printed Pages-4 ECS5O3 (Following Paper ID and Roll No. to be filled in yourAnswer Book B. Tech. (SEM.V ) THEORY EXAMTNATTON 20 1 1 -1 2 OBJECT ORIENTED TECHNIQUES Time : 3 Haurs Note :- (1) (2) l. : 100 Attemptallquestions. Make suitable assumption if required. Answer any two parts (a) (i) Total Marks (14x2=20) : What do you understand by obiect oriented technology ? Discuss the pros and cons of object oriented technology with suitable example. (ii) Differentiate between a class and object with some example. Also prepare a list of objects that you would expect each ofthe following systems to handle : (1) a progmm for laying out a newspap er, (2) a catalog store order entry system. I (b) (D What do you mean by modeling ? Discuss several purposes served by models wiih suitable examples. (iD What do you mean by generalization ? Explain. How is it related with inheritance ? (c) (i) What do you mean by UML ? Discuss the conceptual model of UML with the help of an appropriate example. ECS503/KIH-26383 [TurnOver

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(iD Wire is used in the following applications' For each of the following applications, prepare a list of wire characteristics that are relevant and also explain why each characteristic is important for the application : (1) Desigrringthe filamentfora liglrt bulb; (2)Desiping the electrical system for an airplane' 2. Answer anY two Parts (a) (i) (10 : Give the general layout of a x2:20) class diagram' Also prepare a class diagram for the instance diagram shown in How the Figure 1. Explain your multiplicity decisions' in does your diagrarn express the fact that points are sequence (Point) ? Last t I Fkst -10 -10 Figure-l (ii) What is a collaboration diagrarn ? Horv polymorphism is represented in a collaboration diagram ? Explain with an examPle. (b) What do you mean by sequence diagram ? Explain various Describe terms and symbols used in a sequence diagram' the following using sequence diagrarn : (i) asynchronous messages ECSs03/KIH-26383 with/without priority' (ii) broadcast messages'

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(c) (D Discuss in briefthe followingterms : (1) Component diagrams. (2) Basic behavioural modeling. (ii) Prepare a portion ofan object diagram for a library l. book checkout system that shows the date a book is due and the late ch'arges for an overdue book as derived objects. L 3. I Answer any two pafts (10x2:20\ : (a) Explain each of the following with in reference to object orientedprogramming style with an example : U (i) (iit) (b) (D Reusability (ii) Robustness Extensibility (iv) Abstraction. How objects oriented concept can be implemented usingnon-object oriented language ? Explain with an example. (iD What do you niean by documentation ? What are the various considerations in documentation designing ? Explain. l- (c) I i 4 \y 4. Write short notes on the following : (i) Jackson Structured Development (JSD). (i1) Dynamie modeling and Functional modeling. Answer any two parts (a) (i) : (10x2:20) Why Java is known as a platform independent language ? Discuss the advantages and disadvantAges of a platfu'rm independent language. Also give various data types in Java. (ir) How polymorphism is handled in Java ? Explain with some suitable example using Java programming language. ECS503/KIH-26383 [.Turn Over

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(b) (D Write a program in Java to count display the frequency ofvowels in a given sentence ofat least 35 characters , long. (it) Design a class using Java to represent a student record methods: (i) Attributes of the student lnstitute are as follows : Student_ID, Student_Name, Student_Address, having the following attributes and r I i methods are as follows: to assign the initial values to all attributes, to add a new student record, display the 'v list of students for a given year of enrollment and course. (c) Write short notes on the following giving their significance and with suitable example using Java in brief (i) (ii) 5. Enterprise Java Beans Java API's. Answer any two parls (a) (D : : (10x2=20) What do you mean by Applets from the applications ? ? How Applets differ Explain with an example using Java. (ir) Write a short note on Java Swing with suitable example. (b) Write short notes on the following with an example using Java : (i) JAR files (ii) Packages (iii) Multithreading (iv) Interface. (c) What do you mean by JDBC ? What is its significance ? How database connectivity is done using Java ? Discuss it with suitable example. \,, 4 * t\ ECS503/KIH-26383 4 14275 k,'

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