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Previous Year Exam Questions for Object Oriented Techniques - OOT of 2012 - AKTU by Ravichandran Rao

  • Object Oriented Techniques - OOT
  • 2012
  • PYQ
  • Computer Science Engineering
  • B.Tech
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Printed Pages : 2 ECS.5O3 (Following Paper ID and Roll No. to be filled in your Answer Book) Roll No. - B. Tech. (SEMESTER-\)THEORYEXAMINATION,2012-13 OBJECT ORIENTED TE CHI\IQUES Time:3 HoursJ [TotalMarks:l00 SECTION _ A 1. Attempt all questions : l0 x 2:2A (a) Narne the three basic access specifiers in Object Oriented Programming ? (b) The Techniques of binding data and functions together in a single unit is known as: (i) Data Abstraction (ii) Message passing (iii) Encapsulation (iv) Polymorphism (c) (d) Is it true that compile time polymorphism is also known as dlmamic binding Explain the following terms (i) (ii) (e) (0 : Applet Servlet Explain the mechanism of catching muitiple Explain Operator overloading with suitable exceptions. examples. EJB is an abbreviation for what ? (h) (i) Write the names if any 4 UML diagrams and explain their use. What is an abstract class ? What is interface in Java ? I i : (S) 0) 2166 ? i P.T.O.

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SECTION _ B 2. Attempt any three (a) (b) questions. What is the difference between Swing and AWT What are the advantages programming (c) (d) (e) 3x of 10:30 ? Object Oriented Programming over procedural ? Explain the principles of object oriented modeling with a suitable example. Strings are immutable. Explain the statement. What are the collections in Java. Where are they used SECTION -'C Attempt all questions.Each question carry equal ? marks. 5x 10:50 3. Define Polymorphism and explain how runtime polymorphism is implemented with an 10 example. OR time polymorphism with example. compile polymorptrism explain and Define 4. Explain JDBC with an example code. OR Explain utility of Java as internet programming language. 10 5. Draw Use case diagram for a Restaurant system. 10 OR Draw a State Chart diagram for a ticket booking system. 6. What are exceptions ? When are they used ? Explain with a code snippet 10 ? OR Explain multithreading in Java. 7. Explain the difference between pass by value and pass by reference in details with code example. * a Explain Structired Analysis ana St oc:tle Designs (SA/SD) and Jackson Structured Development. 2166 l0

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