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Online Office Management System

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Kishan Chandra
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Online Office Management System On Php Kumar Kishan Chandra Ast. Professor RD& DJ College Munger

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The system which I developed aim sat easing all the works and tasks performed by the employees of the depart at MTBS .Task such as employee attendance, employee salary, their designation and personal details hectare managed through this system. This system also deals with the complaint handling and resolving the issues. The system aim sat performing the following function ✓To promote optimal and consistent attendance at work. ✓To raise awareness of the importance of good attendance. ✓To provide a framework for responding to excessive absenteeism. ✓To keep track the attendance and records for the employees such as their personal details information. ✓To calculate the total working day of the employees, total of the employees who are coming late and total of the employees who apply leave. ✓To generate various reports such as daily attendance record, monthly attendance record and employee attendance analysis. ✓This system keep track record of all the employees along with their personal details, designation, salary etc. ✓It keeps the address and contact number of the entire employee at the headquarter. ✓It keeps the record of complains that are done at the headquarter. ✓Resolution of the complains done by depot. ✓Employee full details are available to the system admin. ✓The salary detail soft he employee are also managed in this system. 2

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The system can be used by the system's administrator such as supervisor and the employee of the depat headquarter who has been given the privilege to do so. Such as like if the system admin is using the id and his password to login then he has been all the privilege to see and modify the system .But a manager has restricted privilege. The project focus edmoreona large size depot headquarter. This is because it is easy to response to the complains of the depots to the head quarter and to maintain it .It is as imple web application based management information system. Through this system a system manager or admin can satisfy all his queries about the headquarter if he is interested to know anything regarding his depot head quarter employee or depot complain. The system admin who seisan employee of the office can access all the information of his employee. ✓Admin sign in and sign out ✓View records of staff ✓Print records as reference ✓Admin change password ✓Employee details and salary. ✓Employee attendance maintenance ✓ Employee complete profile maintenance ✓Complain management and resolution 3

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BIHAR STATE BEVERAGES CORPORATION LIMITED (BSBCL) has started in 5/24/2006 and it’san 8 years old company, which is located in PATNA ,Bihar. This is categorize dun there in INDIA .As per the last information, this company is in status .Also It has engaged_ _Directors, their names can be found below .BIHAR STATEBEVERAGESCORPORATION LIMITED is registered but doesn't have company secretary information. BIHARSTATEBEVERAGESCORPORATION LIMITED'sregisteredcorporateofficeisatVIDYUTBHAWANII,EASTERNWING, 1STFLOOR,postalcode/zipcodeis800001.Youruniquesearchrefis983698. 4

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