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Chapter 1 INTRODUCTION ABOUT RGTPP RGTPP is located near Ramgarh Town at about 60 km from district head quarter, Jaisalmer (Rajasthan), which is largest district of the state. Its installed capacity is 273.50 MW. And this plant is located in largest state of India, based on area There was problem in maintaining desired quality standards in electric supply to Jaisalmer on account of excess losses because of longer transmission lines. To rectify above problem and to utilize available natural gas in this area RGTPP was established in this border district whose existing capacity is 273.50 MW. Seeing the increasing demand of electricity in this region for various purposes like for providing drinking water in desert area, flood lighting on INDO-PAK Border fencing etc.., state Govt. found it essential to raise the capacity of RGTPP and therefore Rajasthan Vidyut Utpadan Nigam Ltd. established here two more units in second phase of the project. In second phase, one gas turbine of 37.50 MW capacities and one steam turbine of 37.50 MW capacities were installed. Figure1.1-Ramgarh Gas Thermal Power Plant Entrance 1

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Fig.1.2 Power Plant View 1.1 First Unit Necessary equipment’s for this power plant were supplied by Bharat Heavy Electrical Ltd. (BHEL), and building construction was carried out by Rajasthan State Bridge Construction Corporation. This unit is capable to generate power using both gas and diesel. In power plant 12 underground tanks are constructed for storage of diesel having total capacity of 2520KLt. In This Stage Gas Turbine (GT-1) Is Used Which Includes Unit Of 35.50 MW and in Stage Gas Turbine(GT-2)& Steam Turbine(ST-1) is used which include unit of 75 MW. 1.2 Second Unit First unit of this power plant is being operated by open cycle system, resulting in higher cost on electricity generation. Reduction in cost is only possible when first unit is operated on Combined Cycle System. So, under expansion program of this project, work of installation of a gas and steam turbine is taken in hand. In this system, electricity will be generated by a steam turbine utilizing heat obtained 2

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from exhaust of gas turbines through a Heat Recovery Boiler. Thus, no additional fuel will be required for operating Steam Turbine. Under stage-III, one Gas Turbine Unit (110 MW) was commissioned and synchronized with the grid on June 2010 The Steam Turbine Unit (50 MW) was also commissioned and synchronized with the grid on June 2010 and thus the plant has been made operational in combined cycle mode with a total capacity of 273.50 MW. 1.3 Availability of Water Requirement of water for power plant is supplied through Sagar Mal Gopa branch of Indira Gandhi Nahar Project. (IGNP). For this a 27 km Long , 5.4 cusec capacity pipe line is laid from RD-190 of Sagar Mal Gopa Branch to power plant & another pipe line from RD200. For ensuring proper electric supply requirements, a Sub-station of capacity 2X250kVA, 33/0.4kV, and a pumping station has been established at RD-190 in addition to construction of a water storage tank of capacity 77000m3 at power plant. 1.4 Electricity Transmission System To ensure efficient transmission of electricity generated in the power plant, a 215km long Ramgarh-Jaisalmer- Barmer line & 165km Ramgarh- Pokaran of 132 kV has been laid. 1.5 Expected System Operation In spite of unfavorable geographical conditions and supply of gas of lower quality than expectation, expected electricity is being generated in this power plant. The details of total energy generated from this power station during years are as under Table no.1.1: Total Energy Generated 3

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YEARS ENERGY GENERATED(MU) 1999-00 228 2000-01s 229 2001-02 120 2002-03 221 2003-04 238 2004-05 361.13 2005-06 435.62 2006-07 404.14 2007-08 414.11 2008-09 348.67 2009-10 424.11 2010-11 430.15 2011-12 431.98 1.6 Gas Transportation System ONGC and IOCL are engaged in exploration of oil and natural gas deposits in western Rajasthan. Gas Authority Of India Ltd. (GAIL) laid down 12”diameter and 35 km long pipe line for supply of gas from Gamnewala based gas collection plant to Ramgarh, which has been further extended upto Dandewala gas field of Oil India Ltd. Total distance of Dandewala Terminal, is approximately 67 km from Ramgarh Terminal. This pipe line is being maintained by GAIL. Gas, which is use in plant, is mixture of different gas. Percentage of gas is as follows Table no.1.2: Gas (full) Component GAS PERCENTAGE NITROGEN 31.9064 % METHANE 48.5668 % 4