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Digital Electronics Circuit - DEC

Course: B.Tech / BEGroup: Digital System
Digital electronics circuit
Number System
Logic Gates
Logic Families
Boolean Algebra
Standard representation of logic function
Multiplexer and Demultiplexer
Priority encoder
Parity Generators/Checkers
Magnitude Comparator
K-map & don’t care
MSI chip
Flip Flops
Shift Registers
D/A Converter
A/D Converter
Memory organisation and operation
Digital Electronics Circuit
Number System – 1
Number System – 2
Arithmetic Operation
1’s, 2’s, 9’s & 10’s Complements – 1
1’s, 2’s, 9’s & 10’s Complements – 2
Binary Coded Decimal(BCD)
Boolean Logic Operations
Logic Gates and Networks – 2
Sum of Products and Products of Sum
Karnaugh Map
Logic Gates and Networks – 1
Logic Gates and Networks – 2
Digital Integrated Circuits – 1
Digital Integrated Circuits – 2
Digital Integrated Circuits – 3
Register-Transistor Logic(RTL)
Diode-Transistor Logic(DTL)
Transistor Transistor Logic(TTL)
Emitter-Coupled Logic(ECL)
Integrated-injection Logic(I^2L)
MOS Digital Integrated Circuits
Characteristics of CMOS
BiCMOS Logic Circuits
Compatibility or Interfacing
Integrated-injection Logic(I^2L)
Introduction of Arithmetic Operation
Half Adder & Full Adder
Half & Full Subtractor
Procedure for the Design of Combinational Circuits
K-Map Simplification
Controlled Inverter
4-Bit Parallel Adder/Subtractor – 1
4-Bit Parallel Adder/Subtractor – 2
Fast Adder & Serial Adder – 1
Fast Adder & Serial Adder – 2
BCD Adder
Combinational Circuits
Multiplexers (Data Selectors) – 1
Multiplexers (Data Selectors) – 2
Demultiplexers (Data Distributors) – 1
Liquid Crystal Displays
Parity Generators/Checkers – 1
Parity Generators/Checkers – 2
Code Converters
Magnitude Comparator
Flip Flops – 1
Flip Flops – 2
Flip Flops – 3
D Flip Flop
Triggering of Flip Flops
Master-Slave Flip-Flops
Realisation of one Flip-flop using other Flip-flops
Asynchronous Counter
Counter ICs
Propagation Delay in Ripple Counter
Counter Implementation and Applications
Up Down Counter
Shift Registers
Introduction of Memory Devices – 1
Introduction of Memory Devices – 2
Introduction of Memory Devices – 3
Introduction of Memory Devices – 4
Introduction of Memory Devices – 5
Read Only Memory (ROM) – 1
Read Only Memory (ROM) – 2
Read Only Memory (ROM) – 3
Programmable Read Only Memory – 1
Programmable Read Only Memory – 2
Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory
Random Access Memory – 1
Random Access Memory – 2
Random Access Memory – 3
Random Access Memory – 4
Programmable Logic Array
Programmable Array Logic
Introduction to Hardware Description Language
A digital system is a electronic n/w that process information using only digits ti implement calculation and operation. It contains value of 0&1.it always operates on digital signal