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Design of Steel Structure - DSS

Course: B.Tech / BEGroup: Structural Design
Design of Steel Structure
Structural Fasteners/Connections
Tension Member & Compression Member
Plate Girder & Gantry Girder, Truss
Properties of Steel
Types of Steel
Design Considerations, Analysis & Methods
Limit State Method
Characteristic Loads
Determination of Earthquake Loads
Determination of Wind Loads & Load Combinations
Methods and Assumptions of Analysis
Riveted Connections
Bolted Connections – I
Bolted Connections – II
Bolted Connections – III
Pin Connections
Simple Connections
Moment Resistant & Beam-to-Beam Connections
Beam and Column Splices
Welding Process
Types and Properties of Welding
Weld Defects & Types of Joints
Design Specifications
Design of Welds
Tension Members and their Types
Modes of Failure, Slenderness Ratio and displacement
Behavior and Design Strength of Tension Members
Angles Under Tension and Factors affecting Strength
Lug Angles, Splices & Gusset Plates
Design of Tension Members
Plastic Theory
Plastic-Collapse Load
Conditions of Plastic Analysis
Local Buckling of Plates
Cross Sectional Classification
Compression Members and Loads on Compression Members
Behaviour of Compression Members & Types of Sections
Back-to-Back Connection
Design of Compression Members – I
Design of Compression Members – II
Introduction to Beams
Beam Types and Sections
Lateral Stability of Beams
Lateral Torsional Buckling
Factors affecting Lateral Stability
Behaviour of Real Beam
Design Strength of Laterally Supported Beams -I
Design Strength of Laterally Supported Beams – II
Shear Strength of Beams
Web Buckling & Crippling
Deflection & Holes in Beams
Castellated Beams & Lintels
Plate Girders & General Considerations
Proportioning of Web & Flanges
Gantry Girders & Design of Industrial Buildings
Web Panel Subjected to Shear
Design of Steel Structure, DSS