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Water Supply and Sanitary Engineering - WSSE

Course: B.Tech / BEGroup: Water Supply and Sanitary Engineering
water supply and Sanitary engineering
Water Demand
Population Forecasting
Physical characteristic of Water
Chemical Characteristic of Water
Biological Characteristic of Water
Various Unit Operations
Theory of Sedimentation
Sedimentation with Coagulation
Flocculation and Clarification
Iodine, Bromine and Ozone Treatment
Waste Water Engineering
The entire subject of Water Supply and Sanitary Engineering including Environmental Engineering also known as Public Health Engineering is divided in to three parts: (1) Water Supply Engineering (2) Sanitary Engineering (3) Environmental Engineering. The first part deals with the fundamentals of Water Supply Engineering. It discusses the whole science of water supply engineering relating to the quantity and quality of water, sources of water supply, pumps for water supply projects, treatment of water, coagulation of water, filtration of water, disinfection of water, water softening, collection and conveyance of water, distribution system of water, pipe appurtenances, water pollution control, water management, radioactivity and water supplies, etc.