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English Communication Skills - ECS

Course: B.Tech / BEGroup: Business Communication
Vocabulary Building
Basic Writing Skills
Identifying Common Errors in Writing
Nature and style of sensible Writing
Oral Communication
Language and Linguistics
Types of Phonetics
Syllable, Consonants and Vowels
Types of Articles
Omission and Repetition of Articles
Definition and Types of Preposition
Relationship Expressed by Prepositions
Prepositions of Time and Date
Types of Tenses
The Use of Tenses
Verb and its Agreement with Subject
The Infinitive and its Uses
Forms of Infinitives
Participle and its Types
Clauses and Sentences
Types of Degrees
Irregular Comparison of Adjectives
Types of Sentences
Transformation from One Form of Sentence to Another
Interchange of Degree of Comparisons
Interchange of Active and Passive Voice
Conversion of Direct Speech to Indirect
Conversion of Indirect Speech to Direct Speech
Adjectivals and Adverbials
The Conjunction
Clauses and Connectors
The Gerund and its Uses
Types of Punctuation
Capital Letters
Rules of English Language
Basic Errors in the Use of Vocabulary
Single Word for a Group of Words
Rules for Use of Abbreviations
List of Abbreviations
Sentence Structure
Illustrations of Correct Usage
Differentiating Pairs of Words
Use and Examples of Eponyms
Use of Verbs
Homophones and their Uses
Format of Letters
Friendly Letters
Business Letters
Letters of Applications
CV, Resume and Bio-data
Letters of Enquiry
Quotation, Orders and Tenders
Orders and Complaints
Adjustment Letters
Features of a Paragraph
Objectives and Types of Proposals
Contents of Proposals
Non-verbal Communication
Dyadic Communication
Telephonic Conversation
Social Discourse
Cultural Events
Debates and Speeches
Proper Use of Body Language
Group Discussions
Parameters and Role of Oral Presentation
Preparing a Speech
Means to Overcome Stage Fear
Seminars and Conferences
Notice and Minutes
Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication
Technical and General Writing
E-mail Communication
Technical Descriptions
Writing Instructions
Technical Reports and its Types
Parameters of a Report
Types of Reports
Technical Report
The Style of a Technical Report
Types of Advertisements
Uses and Types of Graphic Ads
Elements of Precis Writing
Types of Precis Writing
Essays and its Classification
Types of Interview
Preparing for an Interview
Interview Questions and Answering Strategies
A Discussion and its Ingredients
Effective Communication
Barriers of Communication
Types of Communication in an Organisation
Grapevine and Consensus
Public and Effective Speech
Speech Process
Speaking Techniques
Types of Listening
Effective Listening
Barriers to Listening
English Communication Skills,ECS