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Construction Technology - CT

Course: B.Tech / BEGroup: Project Management
Construction Technology
Module 1
Module 2
Module 3
Module 4
Planning Regulations and Bye-Laws
Climate and its Effects
Essential Factors of Planning
Basic Functional Requirements of a Building
Methods of Site Exploration
Bearing Capacity of Soil
Methods of Determining Bearing Capacity of Soil
Increasing the Bearing Capacity of Soil
Types of Foundation
Special Foundations
Types of Footing
Foundations Based on Different Conditions
Causes of Failure and Preventive Measures
Some Terms in Timbering
Well Point System
Dewatering of the Foundation Trenches
Different Types of Pile
Pile Driving Formulas
Cofferdam and Caisson
Classification of Caissons
Terms Used in Stone Masonry
Common Building Stones of India
Joints in Stone Masonry
Classification of Stone Masonry
Tools Used in Stone Masonry
Dressing of Stone Surfaces
Terms Used in Brick Masonry
Bonds in Brickwork
Bonds at Connections
Stone Composite Masonry
Brick Stone Composite Masonry
Concrete Masonry
Hollow Clay Blocks Masonry
Reinforced Brick Masonry
Types of Walls
Design Considerations
Lateral Support
Effective Height of Wall
Effective Length and Thickness of Wall
Structural Design of Walls
Mortar Selection
General Features of Cavity Walls
Types of Partitions – 1
Types of Partitions – 2
Brick Partitions
Timber Partitions
Component Parts of a Scaffolding
Shoring and its Types
Underpinning and its Types
Water Leakage
Termite Proofing
Properties of Cement Concrete
Corrosion of Steel in Concrete
Proportioning Concrete
Water-Cement Ratio
Curing of Concrete
Different Types of Concrete
Joints in Concrete Structures
Placing of Concrete
Arches Technical Terms
Types of Arches
Materials for Lintels
Stairs Technical Terms
Types of Stairs
Stairs of Different Materials
Components of Formwork
Materials Used for Formwork
Location of Doors and Windows
Definition of Technical Terms – 1
Definition of Technical Terms – 2
Size of Doors
Door Frames – 1
Door Frames – 2
Components of a Door
Types of Doors
Parts of Window
Types of Windows
Fixtures and Fastenings – 1
Fixtures and Fastenings – 2
Fire Resisting Materials
Strong Room Construction
Terms Used in Carpentry
Classification of Joints
Tools Used in Carpentry Work
Floors and its Types
Types of Ground Floors – 1
Types of Ground Floors – 2
Types of Upper Floors – 1
Types of Upper Floors – 2
Materials used for Flooring
Types of Roofs
Pitched or Sloping Roofs
Types of Pitched Roofs
Curved Roofs
Single and Double Roofs
Trussed Roofs – 1
Trussed Roofs – 2
Roof Coverings for Pitched Roofs – 1
Roof Coverings for Pitched Roofs – 2
Flat Terraced Roofing
Types of Pointing
Mortar for Plastering
Defects in Plastering
Special Materials for Plastered Surfaces
Terminology Used in Plastering Work – 1
Terminology Used in Plastering Work – 2
Tools for Plastering
Types of Plaster Finishes
Ingredients of an Oil Borne Paint
Types of Paints
Defects in Painting
Characteristics of Varnishing
White Washing and Color Washing
Characteristics of Audible Sound
Reflection, Reverberation and Absorption
Common Acoustical Defects
Acoustical Design of Halls and Studios
Sound Insulation
Acoustic Design of Auditorium
Defects in an Auditorium
Types of Ventilation
Variations in Ventilation System with Climate
Systems of Ventilation
Functional Requirements of Ventilation System
Systems and Essentials of Air Conditioning System
Thermal Insulation
Stones – 1
Stones – 2
Ferrous Metals – 1
Ferrous Metals – 2
Steel – 1
Steel – 2
Non-Ferrous Metals and Alloys – 1
Non-Ferrous Metals and Alloys – 2
Glass – 1
Glass – 2
Lime – 1
Lime – 2
Clay Products – 1
Clay Products – 2
Bricks – 1
Construction Technology