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Finite Element Methods - FEM

Course: B.Tech / BEGroup: Matrix Method
Intoduction, Basics of Finite Element Method
One & Two Dimensional Problems
constant model
Concept of 3D Modelling
Finite Element Method
Matrix Algebra
Gaussian Elimination
Conjugate Gradient Method for Equation Solving
One Dimensional – Finite Element Modelling
Co-ordinates and Shape Functions
The Potential Energy Approach
The Galerkin Approach
Properties of K
Quadratic Shape Function
Temperature Effects
Plane Trusses
Three Dimensional Trusses
Two Dimensional – Finite Element Modelling
Constant Strain Triangle
Orthotropic Materials
Axis Symmetric Formulation
Finite Element Modelling – Triangular Element
Problem Modelling and Boundary Conditions
The Four Node Quadrilateral
Numerical Integration
Four Node Quadrilateral for Axis Symmetric Problems
Finite Element Formulation
Load Vector
Boundary Conditions
Shear Force & Bending Moment
Beams on Elastic Support
Boundary Value Problems-1
Boundary Value Problems-2
Single Variable Problems Applications-1
Single Variable Problems Applications-2
Eigen Value and Time Dependent Problems-1
Eigen Value and Time Dependent Problems-2
Modelling Considerations
Plane Elasticity Governing Equations
Weak Formulations
Finite Element Model
Evaluation of Integrals
Assembly, Boundary and Initial Conditions
Governing Equations
Velocity – Pressure Finite Element Model
Penalty – Finite Element Model – 1
Penalty – Finite Element Model – 2
Classical Plate Model
Shear Deformable Plate Model
Finite Element Method,FEM