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Applied Physics - Phy

Course: B.Tech / BEGroup: Engineering Physics
Applied Physics
Classical Dynamics
Oscillations and waves
optics and defraction
solid state physics
Laserand fibre optics
Quantum mechanics
Laws Governing Gravity
Acceleration due to Gravity
Scalar and Vector
Motion in a Plane – 1
Motion in a Plane – 2
Effect of Gravity
Friction and Forces – 1
Friction and Forces – 2
Friction and Forces – 3
Laws of Nature
Friction and Motion
Conservation of Energy
Significance of Moment of Inertia
Work, Energy and Power
Collision and Friction
Work and Energy
Coefficient of Restitution
Forces and Inertia
Forces of Nature
Gravitational and Gravity
Work Done
Centripetal Force
Moment of Inertia
Moment of Inertia and its Significance
Significance of Rotational Motion
Angular Momentum
Relation between Torque and Momentum
Translational and Rotational Motion
Classification of Solids
Weight of a Body
Mass and Density of the Earth
Intensity of Gravitational Field
Gravitational Potential Field
Thrust of a Liquid
Thermal Conduction
Temperature and Specific Heat
Elastic Limit
Stress and Strain
Thermal Conductivity
Thermal Expansion
Streamline and Turbulent Flow
Orbital Velocity
Latent Heat
Absorption and Emission
Thermodynamics – 1
Thermodynamics – 2
Thermal Equilibrium
Specific Heat and Thermodynamics
Isothermic and Adiabatic Process
Kinetic Theory of Gases
Ideal Gases – 1
Ideal Gases – 2
Gases and Reactions
Oscillatory Motion – 1
Oscillatory Motion – 2
Periodic Motion
Harmonic Motion – 1
Harmonic Motion – 2
Simple Harmonic Oscillation
Oscillations – 1
Oscillations – 2
Wave Motion – 1
Wave Motion – 2
Transverse Waves – 1
Transverse Waves – 2
Longitudinal Waves
Progressive Waves
Travelling Waves
Stationary Waves
Superposition of Waves
Reverberation – 1
Reverberation – 2
Sounds and Waves – 1
Sounds and Waves – 2
Michelson – Morley Experiment
Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity
Lorentz Transformation Equations
Law of Addition of Velocities
Mass Energy Relation
Mass Variation with Velocity
Compton Effect
Black Body Radiation
PhotoElectric Effect
X Rays
Pair Productions
Quantum Nature of Elastic Waves
Schrodinger Equation (Time Dependent Form)
Linearity & Superposition
Schrodinger Equation (Steady State Form)
Particle in a Box
Finite Potential Well
Tunnel Effect
Quantum Number
Electron Probability Density
Zeeman Effect
Raman Effect
Maxwell Boltzmann Statistics
Fermi-Dirac Distribution
Bose-Einstein Distribution
Dying Stars
Nuclear fission & Nuclear Reactor
Nuclear Fusion
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