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Database Management System - DBMS

Course: B.Tech / BEGroup: Database Engineering
Database Management System
Introduction to Database System-Set-1
Introduction to Database System-Set-2
Query Language
Functional Dependency and Normalization
Introduction to Database System-Set-3
Database Management System-Set-4
Database Management System
Relational Database and Database Schema
Relational Query Operations and Relational Operators
SQL Basics and SQL Data Definition
SQL Queries
Basic SQL Operations
Set Operations
Null Values Operations
Aggregate Functions and Nested Subqueries – 1
Aggregate Functions and Nested Subqueries – 2
Modification of Database
Join Expressions
Integrity Constraints
SQL Data Types and Schemas
Access SQL From a Programming Language
Functions and Procedures
Recursive Queries and Aggregation Features
Relational Algebra
The Entity-Relationship Model
Entity-Relationship Diagrams
Reduction to Relational Schemas
Entity-Relationship Design Issues
Extended E-R Features
Querying database part-1 DDL
Querying database part-2 DML
Atomic Domains
Normal Forms
Functional-Dependency Theory
Algorithms for Decomposition
Multivalued Dependencies
Database Design Process
Application Programs and User Interfaces
Web Fundamentals
Servlets and JSP
Application Architectures
Rapid Application Development
Application Performance
Application Security
Encryption and Its Applications
Physical Storage Media
Magnetic Disk and Flash Storage
Tertiary Storage
File Organisations
Organization of Records in Files
Data-Dictionary Storage
Database Buffer
Ordered Indices
Hashing techniques
Ordered Indexing and Hashing
Bitmap Indices
Index Definition in SQL
Query Processing
Selection Operation
Join Operations
Evaluation of Expressions
Transformation of Relational Expressions
Estimating Statistics of Expression Results
Materialized Views
Advanced Query Optimization
Transaction Concept
A Simple Transaction Model
Storage Structure
Transaction Atomicity and Durability
Querying database part 3
Querying Database – 4
Querying database part 5
Implementation of Isolation Levels
Transactions as SQL Statements
Lock-Based Protocols
Multiple Granularity
Multiversion Schemes
Snapshot Isolation
Insertion Deletion Predicate Reads
Concurrency in Index Structures
Failure Classification
Buffer Management
Failure with Nonvolatile Storage
Lock Release and Undo Operations
Remote Backup Systems
Database Management System