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Digital Signal Processing - DSP

Course: B.Tech / BEGroup: Digital System
digital signal processing
Implementation of Discrete Time Systems
Analysis of Discrete time LTI Systems
Discrete Time Signals
Discrete Time Systems
Correlation of Discrete Time Signals
A2D and D2A Converters
Classification of Signals
Signals, Systems and Signal Processing
Z Transform
Properties of Z Transform – 1
Properties of Z Transform – 2
Rational Z Transform
Inversion of Z Transform
One Sided Z Transform
Analysis of LTI System in Z Domain
Frequency Analysis of Continuous Time Signal
Frequency Analysis of Discrete Time Signal – 1
Frequency Analysis of Discrete Time Signal – 2
Frequency Domain Characteristics of LTI System
LTI System as Frequency Selective Filters
Inverse Systems and Deconvolution
Frequency Domain Sampling DFT
Properties of DFT
Linear Filtering Methods Based on DFT
Frequency Analysis of Signals Using DFT
Efficient Computation of DFT FFT Algorithms – 1
Efficient Computation of DFT FFT Algorithms – 2
Applications of FFT Algorithms
Linear Filtering Approach to Computation of DFT
Quantization Effects in the Computation of DFT
Structures for Realization of Discrete Time Systems
Structures for FIR Systems – 1
Structures for FIR Systems – 2
Structures for IIR Systems
State-Space System Analysis and Structures
Representation of Numbers – 1
Representation of Numbers – 2
Discrete-Time Processing of Continuous Time Signals
Analysis of Quantization Errors
IIR Filter Design by the Bilinear Transformation
Design of Low Pass Butterworth Filters – 1
Design of Low Pass Butterworth Filters – 2
Chebyshev Filters – 1
Chebyshev Filters – 2
Backward Difference Method
Bilinear Transformations
Quantization of Filter Coefficients
Round Off Effects in Digital Filters
General Considerations for Design of Digital Filters
Design of FIR Filters
Design of FIR Differentiators
Design of Hilbert Transformers
Design of IIR Filters from Analog Filters
IIR Filter Design by Approximation of Derivatives
IIR Filter Design by Impulse Invariance
Matched Z Transformation
Characteristics of Commonly Used Analog Filters
Frequency Transformations in the Analog Domain
Frequency Transformations in the Digital Domain
Pade Approximation Method
Least Squares Design Methods
FIR Least Squares Inverse Filters
Design of IIR Filters in Frequency Domain
Specifications and Classification of Analog Filters
Butterworth Filters
Frequency Transformations
Interpolation by a Factor I
Sampling Rate Conversion by a Rational Factor I/D
Multirate Digital Signal Processing
Decimation by a Factor D
Oversampling A/D Converters
Sample and Hold
Sampling of Band Pass Signals
The Representation of Bandpass Signals
Quantization and Coding
Digital to Analog Conversion Sample and Hold
Digital Signal Processing