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Railway Engineering - RE

Course: B.Tech / BEGroup: Transportation Engineering
Railway engineering
Gauges on World Railways
Different Gauges on Indian Railways
Choice of Gauge
Problems Caused by Change of Gauge
Unigauge Policy of Indian Railways
Loading Gauge
Importance of Good Alignment
Basic Requirements of an Ideal Alignment
Selection of a Good Alignment
Mountain Railways
Rack Railways
Need for Construction of a New Railway Line
Traffic Survey
Reconnaissance Survey
Preliminary Survey
Final Location Survey
Modern Surveying Techniques for Difficult Terrain
Construction of New Lines-1
Construction of New Lines-2
Requirements of a Good Track
Maintenance of Permanent Way
Track as an Elastic Structure
Forces Acting on the Track
Coning of Wheels
Tilting of Rails
Function and Types of Rails
Requirements for an Ideal Rail Section
Rail Manufacture
Rail Wear
Other Defects in Rails
Rail Failure
Rail Flaw Detection
Functions and Requirements of Sleepers
Sleeper Density and Spacing of Sleepers
Sleepers Types
Wooden Sleepers -1
Wooden Sleepers -2
Steel Channel Sleepers
Steel Trough Sleeper
Cast Iron Sleepers
Concrete Sleepers
Functions and sizes of Ballast
Ballast Types
Methods of Measurement
Laboratory Tests for Physical Properties of Ballast
Slopes of Formation
Execution of Earthwork in Embankments and Cuttings
Blanket and Blanketing Material
Failure of Railway Embankment
Site Investigations
Rail-to-Rail Fastenings
Fittings for Wooden Sleepers
Fittings of Steel Trough and CI Sleepers
Elastic Fastenings
Other Fittings and Fastenings
Testing of Fastenings
Theories for the Development and Causes of Creep
Effects and Measurement of Creep
Adjustment of Creep and Creep Adjuster
Measures to Reduce Creep
Gradients and Grade Compensation on Curves
Circular Curves
Safe Speed on Curves and Transition Curves
Compound Curve and Reverse Curve
Extra Clearance on Curves
Vertical Curves and Realignment of Curves
Cutting and Check Rails on Curves
Important Terms
Switches and Design of Tongue Rails
Inspection and Maintenance of Points and Crossings
Types of Rail Joint
Welding of Rail Joint
Advantage & Essentials of Track Maintenance
Maintenance of Rail Surface
Railway Engineering