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Basic Electrical Engineering - BEE

Course: B.Tech / BEGroup: Basic Electrical Engineering
basics of electrical engineering
series circuits
parallel networks
kirchhoff’s current law
kirchhoff’s voltage law
nodal analysis
superposition theorem
norton’s theorem
source transformations
delta star transformation
star delta transformation
maximum power transfer
charge and voltage
capacitors in parallel
capacitors in series
capacitance and the capacitor
electric fields
relative permittivity
growth and decay
transients in cr networks
dielectric strength
magnetic field
direction of magnetic field
magnetic field of a solenoid
force determination
electromagnetic induction
direction of induced emf
relative permeability
growth in an inductive circuit
analysis of growth
analysis of decay
transients in lr networks
energy stored in an inductor
mutual inductance
coupling coefficient
coils connected in series
quality factor
basic ac parallel circuits
parallel impedance circuits
Basic Electrical Engineering
Series Circuits
Parallel Networks
Series Circuits and Parallel Networks
Kirchhoff’s Current Law
Temperature Coefficient of Resistance
Kirchhoff’s Voltage Law
Kirchhoff’s Laws and Network Solutions
Norton’s Theorem
Mesh Analysis
Source Transformations
Nodal Analysis
Delta Star Transformation
Superposition Theorem
Star Delta Transformation
Thevenin’s Theorem
Maximum Power Transfer
Charge and Voltage
Capacitors in Parallel
Capacitors in Series
Distribution of Voltage Across Capacitors in Series
Capacitance and the Capacitor
Electric Fields
Composite Dielectric Capacitor
Charging and Discharging Currents
Growth and Decay
Discharge of a Capacitor Through a Resistor
Transients in CR Networks
Energy Stored in a Charged Capacitor
Electric Field Strength and Electric Flux Density
Relative Permittivity
Capacitance of a Multi Plate Capacitor
Leakage and Conduction Currents in Capacitors
Displacement Current in a Dielectric
Types of Capacitor and Capacitance
Magnetic Field
Direction of Magnetic Field
Characteristics of Lines of Magnetic Flux
Magnetic Field Due to an Electric Current
Magnetic Field of a Solenoid
Force on a Current Carrying Conductor
Force Determination
Electromagnetic Induction
Direction of Induced EMF
Magnitude of the Generated or Induced EMF
Magnetomotive Force and Magnetic Field Strength
Permeability of Free Space or Magnetic Constant
Relative Permeability
Ohm’s Law for a Magnetic Circuit
Determination of the B/H Characteristic
Inductive and Non-Inductive Circuits
Inductance in Terms of Flux Linkages Per Ampere
Factors Determining the Inductance of a Coil
Ferromagnetic Cored Inductor in a DC Circuit
Growth in an Inductive Circuit
Analysis of Growth & Decay
Transients in LR Networks
Energy Stored in an Inductor
Mutual Inductance
Coupling Coefficient
Coils Connected in Series
Generation of an Alternating EMF
Waveform Terms and Definitions
Average and RMS Values of an Alternating Current
Resistance and Inductance in Series
Alternating Current in a Capacitive Circuit
Current and Voltage in a Capacitive Circuit
Resistance and Capacitance in Series
Alternating Current in an RLC Circuit
Kirchhoff’s Laws and Network Solution
Frequency Variation in a Series RLC Circuit
Quality Factor
Oscillation of Energy at Resonance
Voltages in a Series RLC Circuit
The Current in a Series RLC Circuit
Basic AC Parallel Circuits
Simple Parallel Circuits
Parallel Impedance Circuits
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