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E-Commerce And Erp - ECOM

Course: B.TechGroup: E-Commerce
E-Commerce and ERP
Overview of Electronic Commerce And It’s advantages
Driving the Electronic Commerce Revolution
The Internet Portals, XML
Open systems Inter connection (OSI) Model
Study of Data Warehousing
How to Build Own website. Internet Security
Road map of E-Commerce in India
E-Commerce and Internet
Electronic Market
B2B E-Commerce
Wireless Application Protocol (WAP)
Internet and Extranets
Electronic Data Interchange(EDI)
Electronic Payment Systems and E-Security
Issues to Consider in Planning Designing
BPR, : Business Process Management, Functional modules
ERP Implementation
Data Migration
Extended ERP Systems, ERP add-ons
SCM(Supply chain management)
Manufacturing prospective
Business Analytics
E-Commerce And Erp,EAE