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Applied Mathematics-3 - M-3

Course: B.Tech / BEGroup: Mathematics
applied mathematics-3
Tributary Areas
Live Load Reduction
Loading Conditions for Allowable Stress Design
Loading Conditions for Strength Design
Types of Structural Loads – 1
Types of Structural Loads – 2
Idealized Structure
Determinacy and Stability
Beams & Frames Static Indeterminacy
Trusses Static Indeterminacy
Common Types of Trusses
Classification of Coplanar Trusses
Method of Joints
Joints Method Numericals
Method of Sections
Sections Method Numericals
Space Trusses
Kinematic Indeterminacy of Beams & Frames
Kinematic Indeterminacy of Trusses
When Assumptions are not Correct
Internal Loadings at a Specified Point-1
Internal Loadings at a Specified Point-2
Shear and Moment Diagrams for a Beam
Shear and Moment Diagrams for a Frame-1
Shear and Moment Diagrams for a Frame-2
Cable Subjected to Concentrated Loads and Cables
Three-Hinged Arch
Cable Subjected to a Uniform Distributed Load
Influence Lines
Influence Lines for Beams
Qualitative Influence Lines
Influence Line Diagram – Numericals
Portal Frames and Trusses
Portal Frames Numericals
Deflection Diagrams and the Elastic Curve
Elastic-Beam Theory
The Double Integration Method
Moment-Area Theorems
Moment-Area Theorems – 2
Conjugate-Beam Method
Conjugate-Beam Method – 2
External Work and Strain Energy
Principle of Work and Energy
Statically Indeterminate Structures
Statically Indeterminate Structures-2
Force Method of Analysis: General Procedure
Additional Remarks on the Force Method of Analysis
Influence Lines for Statically Indeterminate Beams-1
Analysis of Externally Redundant Trusses
Displacement Method of Analysis:General Procedures
Slope-Deflection Equations
Analysis of Beams-1
Analysis of Beams-2
Analysis of Beams-3
Analysis of Beams-4
Analysis of Beams-5
Analysis of Frames : No Sidesway-I
Analysis of Frames : No Sidesway-II
Analysis of Frames : No Sidesway-III
Analysis of Frames : No Sidesway-IV
Analysis of Frames : Sidesway-I
Analysis of Frames : Sidesway-II
DKI and DSI – I
DKI and DSI – II
Moment Distribution for Beams
Stiffness-Factor Modifications
Moment Distribution for Frames
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