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Digital Image Processing - DIP

Course: B.Tech / BEGroup: Image Processing
Digital Image Processing
Digital Image Fundamentals-Module I
Enhancement in Spatial Domain
Enhancement in frequency domain
Image Restoration
Morphological Image Processing
Image Compression
Digital Image Processing
Introduction to Digital Image Processing
Steps in Image Processing
Basics Of Image Sampling & Quantization
Representing Digital Images
Image Sampling and Quantization
Image Sensing and Acquisition
Light and the Electromagnetic Spectrum
Mathematical Tools in Digital Image Processing
Smoothing Spatial Filters
Basic Intensity Transformation Functions
Sharpening Spatial Filters
Sharpening Spatial Filters-2
Sharpening Spatial Filters – 3
Combining Spatial Enhancements Methods
Fundamentals of Spatial Filtering
Histogram Processing – 1
Histogram Processing – 2
Smoothing Linear Spatial Filters
Smoothing Nonlinear Spatial Filter
Spatial Filtering
Filtering in Frequency Domain
Smoothing Frequency-Domain Filters
Homomorphic filtering
Intensity Transformation Functions
Fuzzy Techniques – Transformations and Filtering
Piecewise-Linear Transformation Functions
Elements of Visual Perception
Relationships between Pixels
Color Fundamentals
Color Models
Regional Descriptors
Boundary Descriptors
Spatial and Gray-Level Resolution and Aliasing
Zooming and Shrinking Digital Images
Basic Grey Level Transformation
Histogram Equalization and Processing
Enhancement using Logic Operations
Enhancement using Arithmetic Operations
Use of Second Order Derivative for Enhancement
Use of First Order Derivative for Enhancement
Laplacian in Frequency Domain
Digital Image Processing