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Computer Organisation and Architecture - COA

Course: B.Tech / BEGroup: Computer Architecture
Computer Organization & Architecture
Basic structures of Computers
Computer Architecture , Computer Organization
Functional units, Operational concepts, Registers
Bus and Bus organization
Memory location and addresses
Big-endian and Little-endian representation
Basic Processing Units: Fundamental concepts
Secondary storage, Cache memory
Booth Multiplier, Array Multiplier, Integer Division
Microprocessors, Instruction set
Assembly Language Programming
Stack, Subroutine, Interrupt
Accessing I/O devices
Standard I/O Interfaces
RS-232C, IEEE-488, USB,
Data Transfer techniques.
It refers to operational unit and their interconnection that realize the architecture specification . The architecture design of a computer system is concerned with specification various function module so that processing structuring them together to form a computer system is known as computer architecture. Computer architecture encompasses the specification of an instruction set and hardware units that implement the instruction