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Bridge Engineering

  • Transportation Engineering 1 - TE1
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BRIDGE ENGG By Neeraj Singh

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Definition • A structure that facilitates in crossing an obstacle such as low ground ,steam or river without closing the way beneath. • A bridge transfer the loads from the service to the foundations at ground level. • Design of bridges vary depending on the function of the bridge and the nature of the terrain where the bridge is constructed

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Requirements of An Ideal Bridge. • Economical. • Safe and convenient. • Proper design of bridge to ensure strength & durability. • Aesthetically pleasing.

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Component of Bridge. Foundation: • component which carry the total weight of bridge and transfer to subgrade. Substructure: • components such as abutments , piers & wing walls which are up to the level of bearings. Substructure supports superstructure. Superstructure : • components such as beams , girder, arches, cables flooring , guard rails etc. which are above the level of bearings.

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