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Type: Practical
Rating: 3

Lab Manual for Software Engineering - SE by Vishal Srivastava

By Vishal Srivastava
Student At
3.1K ViewsType: PracticalRating: 3Handwritten52 PagesAKTU
Note of Software Engineering - SE
Type: Practical
Rating: 0

Lab Manuals for Software Engineering - SE By Shreya Chakraborty

By Shreya Chakraborty
9 ViewsType: PracticalRating: 030 Pages
Lab Manuals for Software Engineering - SE 0

Course: B.TechGroup: Software Engineering

Also Known as:Principles and Practices in Software Engineering, Design Pattern, Software Architecture, Object Oriented Software Engineering, Software Engineering Management, Secure Software Engineering, Software Usability Engineering, AGILE SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT, Software Architecture And Design Patterns, Software Defined Network, Software Engineering and Project Management


Software Engineering - Software Engineering, SE Practicals

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