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Course: B.TechGroup: English Communication Skills

Also Known as:English Communication Skills, Critical Thinking and Communication, Communication Skills For Professional


English Communication Skills (Theory) Module-I The elements of communication 1.1 the importance of communication through English at the present time 1.2 the process of communication & factors that influence communication : sender, receiver, channel, code, topic, message, context, feedback, ‘noise’, filters and barriers 1.3 the importance of audience and purpose 1.4 the information gap principle : given and new information ; information overload 1.5 verbal and non-verbal communication : body language 1.6 comparing general’ communication and business communication Module-II The sounds of English 2.1 vowels, diphthongs, consonants, consonant clusters 2.2 the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) ; phonemic transcription 2.3 problem sounds 2.4 syllable division and word stress 2.5 sentence rhythm and weak forms 2.6 contrastive stress in sentences to highlight different words 2.7 intonation : falling, rising and falling-rising tunes 2.8 varieties of Spoken English : Standard Indian, American and British (Note : This unit should be taught in a simple, non-technical manner, avoiding technical terms as far as possible. ) Module-III Review of English grammar 3.1 stative and dynamic verbs 3.2 the auxiliary system ; finite and non-finite verbs 3.3 time, tense and aspect 3.4 voices: active and passive 3.5 modality 3.7 negation 3.8 Interrogation ; reported and tag questions 3.9 conditionals 3.10 concord 3.11 Phrasal verbs (Note The teaching of grammar should be treated as a diagnostic and remedial activity and integrated with communication practice. The areas of grammar in which errors are common should receive special attention when selecting items for review. Teaching need not be confined to the topics listed above.)) - Communicative English, CE videos

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