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Type: Practical
Rating: 5

Lab Manual for Applied Physics - Phy by Sai Swaroop Bedamatta

By Sai Swaroop Bedamatta
1.1K ViewsType: PracticalRating: 553 PagesBPUT
Note of Applied Physics - Phy
Type: Practical
Rating: 0

Lab Manual for Applied Physics - Phy by Nikhil Sharma

By Nikhil Sharma
Student At Chitkara University, Jhansla
0 ViewsType: PracticalRating: 066 PagesCHITKARA
Note of Applied Physics - Phy

Course: B.TechGroup: Engineering Physics

Also Known as:Physics, ENGINEERING PHYSICS, Electrodynamics, Plasma Physics, Physics for Information Science, Applied Physics-I, Applied Physics-II, Condensed Matter and Mterial Physics


Applied Physics is the study of physics mathematics and engineering. Engineering physics can be seen as a tool for optimizing and developing a solution to some engineering problems and solving them with the knowledge of statistic, mechanics, engineering and combination of other discipline. It bridges the gap between the practical reality and the theoretical fantasy and connects the two worlds through analysis, research, design and logical enhanced understanding. - Applied Physics, Phy Practicals

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