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Previous Year Exam Questions of metal forming & finishing of KU - mf by Lecture Notes

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0 ViewsType: PYQRating: 08th Semester - 2020KU
Previous Year Exam Questions for metal forming & finishing - mf - KU - MECH - 2020

Course: B.Tech / BEGroup: Mechanical Engineering

Also Known as:Basics of Mechanical Engineering, Fundamentals of Mechanical Engineering, Introduction To Mechanical Engineering, Basic Mechanical Engineering, Basic Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Metallurgy, Elements of Mechanical Engineering, machine of solid, Dynamic of machine, Fluid machanics, Advance manufacturing, Robotics machanics&control, Design of air conditioning system, erogonomics, Lubrication technology, Non convolution facturing, Engineering machanics, technical writting, industrial economics&accountancy, Mechanical Drafting And Auto Cad


metal forming & finishing - metal forming & finishing, mf Study Materials

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