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Wireless Communication - WC Study Materials

Course: B.Tech


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Note for Wireless Communication - WC By JNTU Heroes

By JNTU Heroes
Student At JNTU, Telangana, India
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Note for Wireless Communication - WC
Uploaded 11 months ago
Course: B.TechGroup: Wireless Sensor Network


Wireless communication is one of the fastest growing industry segments today. Many types of wireless networks are now being used for applications such as personal communication, entertainment, rural and urban healthcare, smart home building, inventory control, and surveillance. This book introduces the basic concepts of wireless networks and mobile computing to give engineering students at the undergraduate/graduate level a solid background in the field. It also looks at the latest research and challenging problems in the field to serve as a reference for advanced-level researchers. Wireless Networks and Mobile Computing begins with an introduction to the different types of wireless networks, including Wi-Fi, ZigBee, cellular mobile, ad hoc, cognitive radio, wireless mesh, and wireless sensor. - Wireless Communication, WC Study Materials

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