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Type: Practical
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Lab Manual for Computer Graphics - CG by Animesh Dutta

By Animesh Dutta
Student At
188 ViewsType: PracticalRating: 1Handwritten37 PagesKIIT
Note of Computer Graphics - CG
Type: Practical
Rating: 0

Lab Manuals for Computer Graphics - CG By Ketan sharma

By Ketan sharma
Student At
122 ViewsType: PracticalRating: 0Handwritten10 Pages
Lab Manuals for Computer Graphics - CG 0
Type: Practical
Rating: 0

Lab Manual for Computer Graphics - CG by Vikas Rajput

By Vikas Rajput
0 ViewsType: PracticalRating: 0Handwritten34 Pages
Note of Computer Graphics - CG

Course: B.Tech / BEGroup: Computer Graphics

Also Known as:Computer Graphics And Multimedia, Audio and Video Engineering, Computer Design, Computer Forensics, Interactive Computer Graphics, Computer Vision, Computer Graphics and Visualization, Advanced Computer Graphics and Solid Modelling, Computer Vision And Robotics, Computer Graphics and Multimedia, Computer Graphics And Multimedia, Computer Graphics And Animation, Computer Graphics, multimedia And Animation


Computer Graphics is the study of the hardware and software principles of interactive raster graphics. Topics include an introduction to the basic concepts, 2-D and 3-D modeling and transformations, viewing transformations, projections, rendering techniques, graphical software packages and graphics systems. Students will use a standard computer graphics API to reinforce concepts and study fundamental computer graphics algorithms. - Computer Graphics, CG Practicals

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