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Note for Steam and Power Generation - SPG By pankaj khatak

By pankaj khatak
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Chapter 1 Fuels and Combustion: Characteristics of solid, liquid and gaseous fuels, Laws of combustion and reactions, Gravimetric and volumetric analysis, Air-fuel ratio, Exhaust gas analysis, Orsat apparatus. Calorific values of fuel, Bomb calorimeter, Numericals. Steam: Formation of steam at constant pressure, Variation in steam properties during phase change, Steam tables and their uses, Enthalpy – entropy (Mollier) diagram, Carnot and Rankine vapour cycles, Rankine cycle with reheat and regeneration, Numericals.

Course: B.TechGroup: Power Plant Engineering

Also Known as:Plant Engineering And Industrial Safety, Engines and diesel power plant, Hydraulic machines and hydroelectricity power plant, Gas turbine and gas power plant


- Steam and Power Generation, SPG Study Materials

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