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Mass Transfer-I - MT1 Study Materials

Course: B.Tech


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Previous Year Exam Questions of Mass Transfer-I of BPUT - MT1 by Verified Writer

By Verified Writer
1248 ViewsPYQ3rd Semester - 2017BPUT
Previous Year Exam Questions for Mass Transfer-I - MT1 - BPUT - CHEM - 2017

Note for Mass Transfer-I - MT1 by Abhimanyu Dash

By Digbijay Patil
857 ViewsNote23 Pages
Note for Mass Transfer-I - MT1

Note for Mass Transfer-I - MT1 By Ganesh B

By Ganesh B
Assistant Professor At apec, melmaruvathur
604 ViewsNote Handwritten4 Pagesapec
Part A- Questions and Answers- Unit 1

Note for Mass Transfer-I - MT1 by Jitendra Pal

By Jitendra Pal
246 ViewsNote107 PagesBPUT
Note for Mass Transfer-I - MT1
Course: B.TechGroup: Mass Transfer


Mass Transfer-I - Mass Transfer-I, MT1 Study Materials

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