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Note for Alligation or Mixture - AM By Placement Factory

By Placement Factory
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Course: Placement PreparationGroup: Quantitative Aptitude

Also Known as:Problems on Trains, Height and Distance, Simple Interest, Percentage, Calendar, Average, Volume and Surface Area, Numbers, Problems on H.C.F and L.C.M, Simplification, Surds and Indices, Chain Rule, Boats and Streams, Logarithm, Stocks and Shares, True Discount, Odd Man Out and Series, Time and Distance, Time and Work, Compound Interest, Partnership, Problems on Ages, Clock, Area, Permutation and Combination, Problems on Numbers, Decimal Fraction, Square Root and Cube Root, Ratio and Proportion, Pipes and Cistern, Races and Games, Probability, Banker's Discount, Profit and Loss


Alligation or Mixture - Alligation or Mixture, AM Study Materials

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