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Nihar Ranjan Rout


Wiselab Technologies

Operation Engineer at
Computer Science Engineering at Gandhi Institute For Technology, GIFT

General Information


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Work Experience / Internship

  • Operation Engineer
  • Developer · Computer Science Engineering Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India
    From : 2018


  • Gandhi Institute For Technology, GIFT

    B.Tech . Computer Science Engineering .
    From : 2014 Till : 2018

Research And Projects

  • Pathshala 360

    Pathshala 360 is a web application for administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, messaging, academic and many more of an educational institute. It offers an actual trip to college campus. Here we could gain the recent knowledge regarding the students, employees and all the activities of the college. This system not only aims to automate all functionalities of an institute but also to provide the finest service to all the individuals associated with the institute. This system is simple yet powerful one joint integrated platform that connects all various activities of institute from pin to aircraft in one specialized module. Here all the modules of our administration are independent. They are maintained manually. So they need to be automated and centralized, as information from one module will be related to other module. This project is useful for every user interface. This system utilizes the powerful data management, data retrieval and data manipulation. This application provides more for managing the data than manually maintaining the documents. This project is useful for saving valuable time and reduces huge paper work.
  • Datally

    Question Answer Website

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