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premsai reddy


Automotive Engineer at HCL Technologies

Automotive Engineer at HCL Technologies
Electrical and Electronics Engineering at VIT University

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85% | Electrical Machines and Power Electronics

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Work Experience / Internship

  • HCL Technologies

    Automotive Engineer · Electrical and Electronics Engineering Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
    From : 2017 December 07
    CAN protocol
  • BHEL

    Intern · Electrical and Electronics Engineering Hyderabad, Telangana, India
    From : 2014 December 15 Till : 2015 March 15
    Electrical machines Dept


  • VIT University

    M.Tech . Electrical and Electronics Engineering .
    From : 2015 August 07 Till : 2017 May 06
    Power Electronics and Drives


  • Asymmetric 15-level multilevel inverter with fuzzy controller using super imposed carrier PWM

    Published By: IEEE
    Published On: 2018-01-04
    Multilevel inverters (MLI) are aligned with lower commutation losses and lower harmonics offer high power capacity. Requiring a more number of switches, their fundamental disadvantage is their circuit complexion, utilizing a H-bridge output. This exertion starts another multilevel inverter topology to organize with modular sort structure. To execute a multilevel output, the quantity of power devices for the new topology and voltage sources required to a given critical declination. Ti comprises of two fundamental parts in the proposed multilevel inverter structure. Delegated level and H-bridge module are the parts. Its simplicity of augmentation is the most unprecedented element of the framework. The inverter structure can prolong the quantity of level modules and integrate the cascaded efficiency expanded by expanding the number of voltage levels. The level module of diode and a dc source contains the semi conductor switches. The proposed MLI gives the unequal Dc sources of higher yield voltage and desired outcome. The proposed MLI demonstrating and simulation is done by utilizing MATLAB simulink. Super imposed carries pulse width modulations (SICPWM) are used by PWM techniques. In this closed control is accomplished for the topology utilizing fuzzy control. The rms voltage control is executed in the paper.

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