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Note for Problem Solving And Programming In C - PSPC by Bput Toppers

  • Problem Solving And Programming In C - PSPC
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Introduction to programming 8/7/2015 scorm content Introduction   Problem definition: A problem definition involves the clear identification of the problem in terms of available input parameters and desired solution. Approach towards solving the problem: After a problem is identified, the user needs to implement a step­by­step solution in terms of algorithms. Graphical representation of problem solving sequence: This step involves representing the steps of algorithm pictorially by using a flowchart. Each component of the flowchart presents a definite process to solve the problem. Converting the sequence in a programming language: Converting  the  graphical  sequence  of  processes  into  a  language  that  the  user  and  the computer can understand and use for problem solving is called programming. After  the  program  is  compiled  the  user  can  obtain  the  desired  solution  for  the  problem  by executing the machine language version of the program. file:///D:/NIELIT%20PROJECT/Final%20Product/C%20­Review%20updated/unit1/assets/2.html Page 4 of 260 1/1

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Introduction to programming 8/7/2015 scorm content Algorithm   A sequential solution of any program that written in human language, called algorithm. Algorithm is first step of the solution process, after the analysis of problem, programmer writes the algorithm of that problem. Sample Algorithm Algorithm to reverse the digits of an integer An  algorithm  is  a  step­by­step  procedure  for  solving  a  stated  problem  using  a  reasonable amount of time and storage. Every problem has some input information and some desired results to be obtained. The important aspect is to determine if the information available is really sufficient to solve the problem  at  hand,  and  if  it  is  so  what  are  the  procedures  that  should  be  applied  to  the  given information or data so that the required result can be obtained. The development of a proper procedure to solve the problem is called an algorithm. file:///D:/NIELIT%20PROJECT/Final%20Product/C%20­Review%20updated/unit1/assets/3.html Page 5 of 260 1/3

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