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Note for Software Engineering - SE by SANJAY MANVATKAR

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Sanjay Manvatkar
Sanjay Manvatkar
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Presentation Created by Sanjay S. Manvatkar Asst. Prof. BJS College Pune.

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Analysis & Design Tools • Decision tree & decision Table • DFD (Data Flow Diagram) • DD ( Data Dictionary) 1) Element of DD 2) Advantages & Disadvantages of DD • Input & Output Design. • Pseudo Code • Case Studies on Above Topic.

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Decision tree & decision Table • We know that software analysis and design is the intermediate stage which helps humanredable requirements to transformed in to actual code. 1. Decision Tree:Introduction:- Decision making is an integral part of any organization no matter how small, simple or big and complex it may be.

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• Decision tree is a decision support analysis and design tolls that uses a tree like graph or model of decision and their possible consequences. • Decision tree shows which condition to consider first, which is second and so on. • Decision tree also shows the relationship of each condition and its permissible actions. • Decision sequence starts from the root of the tree that is usually on the left of the diagram. • Decision Tree can be defined as “ a graphical representation of specific decision situations in a structured decision process.

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