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Note for Transducers Engineering - TE By ANNA SUPERKINGS

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TRANSDUCERS prepared by g.bancale 1

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2 Why we’re here today? • To learn a technical subject ( the content) in English (the language) • Because there is no other way to learn a language than listening and talking • Because 90% of technical literature is in English • Because we’d like you to be competitive with European students of your age

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3 Some friendly reminders • From now till the end of this presentation we will talk in English only! • I will speak in plain English and slowly but I won’t speak in Italian/English and neither in English/Italian! • Questions are most welcome … if they are simple!

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4 What is a transducer ? (a fairly good definition) A transducer is a device which transforms a non-electrical physical quantity (i.e. temperature, sound or light) into an electrical signal (i.e. voltage, current, capacity…) prepared by g.bancale

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